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Cyber bullying has proven to be one of the most destructive bullying tactics to emerge in recent decades. The prevalence of cyber bullying is a result of how easily cyber bullies can have access to their victims. Many people do not realize the extreme effects that cyber bullying can have on children and teens. Reading the stories of actual cyber bully victims can help individuals understand the consequences of this destructive form of abuse as it is real life stories of bullying and cyber bullying that show how harsh their consequences on the victims can be. Below are some cyber bullying stories of victims and survivors so that others can be better educated on this serious problem, and what a computer spy software can do to help you stop cyber bullying and protect your kids.

Cyber Bullying Story: Megan Meier

Cyber bullying is especially difficult for children or teens that are already having difficulty fitting in or navigating the confusing world of social interactions, like Megan Meier. Spending much of her childhood overweight and dealing with ADD, Megan was set apart from many of her peers. She had struggled with her weight and her ADD aggravated compulsiveness.

By the beginning of eighth grade things seemed to look up for Megan; she had lost some weight and through MySpace, she had met a new boy, Josh, that really seemed to like her. However, she also had a falling out with a girlfriend who lived nearby, and the two were often bickering at school and on the bus. When Megan began to suspect her ex-best friend of telling Josh terrible things about her, she quickly spiraled into depression. Megan's mother tried to help her daughter distance herself from Josh and the ex-best friend, but Megan's ADD caused her to compulsively check her MySpace page.

As Megan's 14th birthday approached, she became more unstable as it became obvious that no one was planning to attend her party because of things they had read about her on MySpace. The afternoon before her birthday, Megan became enraged over what was being posted and her mother had to force her to leave the computer and go to her room. By the time Megan's mother had prepared dinner and went to fetch her daughter, young Megan had hung herself in her closet.

The most disturbing revelation in this example of cyber bullying stories, is that Megan's MySpace boyfriend, Josh, never actually existed. It was a fake account created by Megan's ex-best friend and her mother. This is an instance when adults are the culprits of cyber bullying so severe that it resulted in an already troubled young person committing suicide. Cyber bullying is a real problem that results in traumatizing consequences for all involved.

Although suicide is an extreme result of this example of cyber bullying stories, it is a reality that parents, teachers and caregivers cannot deny. The only remedy for cyber bullying is action. When cyber bullying escalates from mere online bickering into harassment, children and teens need their parents and teachers to stand up for them and take action that will put an end to the abuse.

One of the first things to do is to cut off the access through which a cyberbully has to your child. Watch your child's online activities with a computer spy software in order to control the access he or she has online. Any media through which the child is being bullied should be closed to eliminate the bully's access to the child. Some children and teenagers will be resistant to a parent taking control in this way, but there are times when the adult must take charge.

Cyber Bullying Story: Justine

14-year-old Justine never imagined that she would become a victim of cyber bullying. She was no stranger to personal challenges as she had spent months prior battling cancer, and after she was told that her cancer was in remission, she felt certain that her struggles were behind her, and as a result, her experience with cyber bullying was something she was not prepared for.

She began to receive threatening email messages from a mysterious cyber bully. The threatening messages continued to arrive and ranged from merely rude to downright terrifying. When the messages escalated into extreme threats such as, "I'm going to rape you," Justine's parents decided to take the issue to the police. The police were quickly able to trace the messages back to Justine's classmate who also happened to be her best friend at the time. The courts required the cyber bully to attend counselling sessions and to write Justine a formal letter of apology. Although Justine's family felt that this punishment was too lenient, they were glad that their actions resulted in a positive outcome.

Detect And Stop Cyber Bullying With Computer Spy Software

These examples of cyber bully stories makes it clear that the internet and social media can be used to traumatize a child, sometimes enough to drive them to suicide. Internet has replaced schools and become the most common space for bullying. Without professional intervention, it is easier for some kids threaten, humiliate or torture other kids online. Such behavior usually are not perceived by their guardians, law enforcement officers, teachers and even friends. A parent is justified in closely computer monitoring with computer spy software to detect and stop cyber bullying, and secretly so if necessary.

Watch the websites, especially social media sits your kid open visits, the email and instant messages your kid received and sent, check if these messages contain any insulting or aggressive language. The parent of a child with cyber bullying problem should take advantage of technology to get a grip on the situation and take charge of it, no matter your kid is being bullied or bullying other kids. A responsible parent would take actions as soon as possible to ease his children's suffering.

As a result, when the abuse your child has been enduring is grounds for criminal charges, do not hesitate to take the matter to the authorities. There are legal measures that can be taken by the all local law enforcement offices to put an end to your child's torment and punish the tormentor. Don't hesitate to use a computer spy software to collect necessary evidence. Never be afraid to share your bullying stories with your friends and family, or people of authority who can help.

April 14, 2018 Published by Ellen Bennett

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